Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ini Bukan Foto Tapi Lukisan Ballpoint Pen yang Mengagumkan (7 gambar)

Drawn by Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva, who describes his art as a hobby. 
Sometimes he works on a piece for up to 50 hours drawing with different colored ballpoint pens.

pic from

like photo portugal based attorney samuel silva
speaking about picture sumatran tiger art ballpoint drawing art
after finishing this worksilva saideight hours finishjust another quick doodlecall study sketchfirst eagle head ever
this piecesilva saidoriginally intended spendhoursthisand still never spent many hoursany drawingend impatience won andnot work this one anymore
silva saidoriginal size this drawing cat face aboutsame two credit cards
painting girlpearl earring one dutch painter johannes vermeer masterworksbut silva copied using ballpoint
thissilva first ever picture jaguartook him hours complete

All drawn with colored ballpoint pens.

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