Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tidurlah (Sleep Now) - A Tribute to the Fallen Heroes of Lahad Datu

Sebelum tidur, dengarkan hasil nukilan anak tempatan Sabah ni. Khas kepada pejuang dan wira kita yang terkorban di Lahad Datu dan Semporna.

Tidurlah (Sleep Now):
Sleep now, young soldier
Release your burdens in the beauty of your dreams
Sleep now; close your eyes
Fall will pass away, and your night will soon become day 

Why did you have to go so early?
Why did you fall before your time?

Flowers will I garland you
Along with a thousand thanks
Your service to us, we will esteem & value
Tears I will send to accompany my prayers
For you, my Hero

No more pain; no more pain
Sleep now.
I wrote this song last night, out of deep sadness for what Sabah is going through, and for the precious sacrifice of those lives lost in defending our state. So much is going on right now, and so close to the General Election too, with rumours flying back and forth. When the truth is hard to see, it's best to go down to the basics and focus on honouring those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
I am not a professional singer or songwriter; I am just an ordinary citizen who loves her state and country, and the people within. God bless us all and protect us from fear, hatred & injustice.
I own the rights to this song, but not to any of the pictures used here.
If you'd like to use this song, or if you'd just like to talk to me, do drop me an email at my website josephinehadi.com or look me up on my Facebook page attached to this email: josephine@josephinehadi.com and I'll do my best to reply.
This song is in Malay but I have included English translation here below.
BB : TQ Josephine, Betul-betul Menusuk Kalbu.

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