Friday, April 6, 2012

Dong Zong perlu bagi tahu dengan anak Cina ini Malaysia bukan China mereka perlu sesuaikan diri dengan budaya dan bangsa lain suatu hari nanti.

Muka barua setan ni sabelum kena belasah!!

Setan salepas kena belasah!

When the British brought in the Chinese to work in the mines in Perak, they have also brought in the culture of gangsterism and secret societies to Malaysia .   For over a decade, the Ghee Hin and Hai San societies had been fighting and avenging each other’s death over control of watercourse, gambling and personal matters.

As the stories were told, at one time, the Ghee Hin imported 4,000 professional fighting men from mainland China via Penang to attack the Hai Sans and for the first time, the Hai Sans were driven out of Larut.   About 10,000 Hai San men sought refuge in Penang.

And time passed, these two clans grew bigger and roamed all over the country.
These secret societies may have ‘faded’ away, but their mentality remains a threat to this multi-racial country.   Like a time-bomb, it keeps ticking, provoking our patience by displaying arrogance and intolerance.

Although they have come out from the mines, adopt the hygiene and manners from the locals, live in bungalows and own 80% of the country’s wealth, the new generations of the faded societies cling on to their forefathers’ ‘glory’ days of taikos and thugs and refuse to embrace the humble culture of Malaysia, which requires a high level of tolerance.

For their forefathers, Malaysia was a money mine.

For the later generation who inherit the money, Malaysia was a place where they happened to be born in.  It’s not their country, because their country is still China.

But for the societies’ new generations of today, Malaysia is their country, and therefore, they don’t want to share it with others.   Since they can’t and don’t want to go back to China, they must turn Malaysia into another China or at least another Singapore where they can dominate and monopolize and bully others like a true gangster.

The mentality of thugs and bullies can now be seen clearly in Dong Jiao Zong, the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia.

It is very disturbing to see an NGO like Dong Jiao Zong, which is supposed to be looking after the education of our children, having the mentality of gangsters and bullies by being intolerant and arrogant, demanding to have it all their ways and their ways alone.   Instead of leading the children towards unity and instilling patriotism, this education-related NGO is doing all the opposites.

Don’t ever forget that it was Dong Jiao Zong that held a gathering back in 1987 that evoked racially provocative speeches, all because they couldn’t accept the appointments of some 100 senior assistants and principals to vernacular Chinese schools because they were not Mandarin-educated.   This, plus the incessant incitement of hatred and prejudice by the Chinese language newspapers, had led to the infamous Ops Lalang where arrests were made to prevent the recurrence of 13th May 1969’s tragedy.

Today, they once again wanted to stage a protest over the same matter.
We have no choice but to view this NGO as a danger, a threat to the country’s stability and the nation’s unity.

It is not an exaggeration, I guess, to say that Dong Zong actually represents the majority, if not 100% of the Malaysian Chinese mentality.

The question is, how long will the Chinese continue to fight for race separation in schools?  Until they manage to ‘colonize’ this country?  How can they colonize their own country, unless they have never accepted the fact that they are its citizens.

Some of them complained of being sidelined, discriminized and being treated as second class citizens and that is why they don’t feel like they really belong here.
Maybe they should ask themselves, how can someone who refuses to act like true citizen be accepted and treated as true citizen?

If only Dong Zong, as an education NGO, focus on educating the Chinese children humility, tolerance and respect rather than feeling superior and selfish, this ‘belonging’ problem would have been history.

The Chinese children should be exposed to the true meaning of patriotism and accept that Bahasa Malaysia is more important than Mandarin.  And that it’s okay to not know Mandarin but it’s a shame to not be fluent in your own national language.

Dong Zong must tell the Chinese children that this is Malaysia, not China, and that one day the children must blend in with other races, be truly open and sincere so that they may create a better Malaysia where there is only one school system for everyone and race is no longer an issue.

Can Dong Zong do that for the sake of unity and stability?  Is it so hard for the Chinese to be sincere after all the prosperity that they enjoy for being Malaysians?

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  1. lah Bro, patutlah Guan Eng berlagak Gangster, memang pun serpihan gang Hai San..hahahah!


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