Nurul Izzah Confirmed That Suaram Lied

Finally, Nurul Izzah had to accept the fact that there is no trial in France regarding Scorpene submarines. 

During the Parliamentary session on June 26 recently, Nurul Izzah asked whether Malaysia would apply to become the observer at France Tribunal Court to gain access to the investigation of the case.

Y.B Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi responded by saying that such thing is not needed because France has mentioned that there are no trial at all regarding the Scorpene case at the country.

Nurul Izzah then accepted the response and asked whether the Royal Committee would be formed to investigate the issue, and the Defense Minister said that it is not needed because the purchase of military equipment are made according to the implementation procedures of national defense procurement contracts.

With that, Suaram’s lies are confirmed where Nurul Izzah herself confirmed it when she asked for a Royal Committee as a ‘replacement’.

It is true that the investigation on the purchase of submarines on DCNS are still going on in France. But, the investigation has nothing to do with the government nor Malaysian leaders, but it only involves the company, and France’s politicians. 

It is still under investigation and not trial. Even the name Altantuya Shaariibuu is not included, or even the Prime Minister’s name was not included in the investigation, even if it does, it would be as a purchaser.

For Suaram to raise the subpoena issue is simply stupid because how can a person gets subpoena if there is no trial at all?

Suaram, or to be more precise, the opposition, has the attitude of lying to people and they would do just about anything to keep on lying. It is not enough for them to tarnish the image of the legal system in Malaysia, now they even made the Judge and France Court as clowns. 

They even described France Police as incompetent because they could not detect Altantuya when she went to the country.

They also dragged those who have died as a political issue considering that those people could no longer defend themselves. They also went to the length of using names such as Jasbir Singh Chahl, which was said to will be given subpoena to their fantasy trial.

Even though their lies were broken multiple of times, they still insist on pushing the same issue.
This caused rakyat to begin to question them that even when it is clear that the issue was clearly made up by the opposition to bring down the Prime Minister, does it mean that Altantuya’s murder was also caused by them?

It does seem weird when Altantuya was dragged to this issue which has nothing to do with her. And it is weird that her name kept on appearing even though is was clear that she did not enter France when the transaction to Scorpene was going on. The Prime Minister also do not know anything about 

Altantuya and he had sworn for four times, following the Islamic procedures. The same thing goes to his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah where she has a string alibi to show that she was not involved in the murder. But this girl’s name kept on appearing by the opposition, proving that they are out of ‘original’ issues to attack the PM.

With such bad reputation (opposition) especially in their states, personal scandals among their leaders, and the lies on Scorpene, rakyat is beginning to have doubts on them. Many began to wonder on how far would they go to take over the power?

We do know that the opposition would even put rakyat’s lives at risk by triggering chaos, we also know that the opposition would sabotage the country’s economy just to tarnish the image on both the country itself and the PM.

Thus, we cannot help but to doubt every single things that are said by the opposition to the government in this Scorpene issue.

With that, Nurul Izzah could continue her drama in the Parliament and Suaram could kept on lying to the media, but rakyat would be the one who would judge them. In the eyes of rakyat, the credibility of Suaram, Nurul Izzah and the opposition has gone.

Some even said that they suspect that thise who comments on supporting Suaram and Nurul Izzah in news portals and pro-opposition blogs are people who are paid by Suaram so that they would feel better about themselves, telling themselves that they do have many supporters.

It’s okay, they could keep doing what it is that they like, because the real number of support can really be seen during the coming GE.

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