Saturday, April 21, 2012

Azmin Fail To Move Election Campaign, Selangor PR Might Tumble

Selangor PKR under the leadership of Azmin Ali is now said to be under bad crisis and can be said that they are currently dying. The main factor for this would be his failure to manage and move the party from the grassroots level.

 Things get worse when Azmin, as the boss of PKR in Selangor, was seen to fave failed to prove his ability in defending and retaining Pakatan Rakyat’s political power at the state. Looking at the slow situation, almost all PKR branches in Selangor, including PAS and DAP, was said to be having a hard time in gaining their second chance to maintain their power in Selangor.

 The situation was reflected through expression made by their own Women’s Chief, Zuraida Kamarudin on her Facebook status when she complained that there has been many PKR members leaving the party.

 This was due to the weakness of Azmin’s leadership and his failure to unite and repair his relationship with the Chief Minister, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. The clash between these two PKR leaders is no longer a secret among party members. 

Abdul Khalid felt that he has no power when the General Leader, Anwar Ibrahim eliminated him to be replaced by his crony, Azmin for the last two years. Since then, Abdul Khalid and Azmin never really communicate among one another and they would often end up fighting. 

As a revenge towards Anwar;s dirty politics where he practices the divide and rule policy, Abdul Khalid sabotaged most of PKR’s programs in Selangor by blocking funds and financial aids from the state government. Azmin in the other hand, practices favouritism where he would focus on branches that are led by his cronies.

 Activities and programs by PKR were only focused in a few areas such as Batu Caves, Gombak and Seri Muda only and other places were left hanging. This is the factor that caused numbers of Selangor PKR members got tired and they decided to leave the party. To them, PKR had lied with the propaganda of ‘party of a new hope’ but the fact is, only higher leaders gain all the profit and enjoyed their lavish life with all the hard work made by regular members. PKR programs no longer gain various attention like two or three years back. 

In the past, talks organized by Selangor PKR that were attended by Anwar would capture more than 5,000 people. But now, they cannot even get 1,000 or 2,000 people to come to their event. Even if they do, it would be because of PAS leaders who came to provide speeches, PKR would often take the opportunity to ‘be there’ to gain more viewers. If PAS is not around, PKR only attract a few. 

The crisis of Selangor PKR is expected to be worse during the upcoming General Election because Azmin has only been focusing on a few of his Parliamentary and DUN areas including a few areas of his cronies. Other areas include Ijok, the Chief Minister’s DUN are left alone in finding their funds to move the campaign for the party. Looking at a few of their weaknesses and the growing acceptance from rakyat of Selangor towards Barisan Nasional, overall, the 13th GE might be the end of Pakatan Rakyat.

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