Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anwar Tipu pasal RM207 Billon dan cuba untuk tukar Jalur Gemilang lagi.

1 million Malaysians want change of flag? They wish!
Pulling out all stops. Earlier today in Jakarta Anwar Ibrahim was still babling about the RM207 billion "Death Railway" money that Japan paid to Malaysia. Apparently, nobody told him that Tokyo had confirmed yesterday what we sensible Malaysians had suspected all along, that the claim was hogwash!
But that's also how desperate the movement has become. With the general election drawing nearer and no game-changing issue in hand, they are pulling out all stops. So, the Japanese denied the RM207 billion, so what?! They still have Deepak's RM13 million gems for Rosmah, that would make the people angry. Right?

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